Data Cabling Services In Auckland

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If you have any needs in data cabling, North Shore, Auckland, then we have you covered. Nowadays, every home and business needs proper data and communications infrastructure to ensure that Internet access is always available throughout the property.

We can ensure that data cabling is routed throughout your building and made available in every room that it needs to be.

We always do a neat and seamless job, ensuring that you won’t have untidy cables visible anywhere. 

Our data cabling and communication services include the following:

Data Cable Installations And Extensions

If you need a new data cable installed, we can get it done for you. If you need to extend your home’s existing data cable infrastructure to additional rooms in the house, we can ensure that this is done quickly and professionally as well.

Rearranging And Adding Access Points

We can move your Internet router to a more convenient position for you without any hassle, laying the necessary cabling and rewiring where necessary. 

If you require additional access points, we can ensure that these are installed as well so that you can access your data cables from wherever you need to in your house.

Sorting Out Your Broadband And Wi-Fi 

If you need to set up and install broadband Internet in your home or business, then we can ensure that it is all sorted out for you. This includes laying and installing any fibre optic or data cabling necessary to ensure that you get access to high-speed Internet.

Need Wi-Fi extensions set up? We can do that too! We even do good old-fashioned telephone line installations and extensions as well.

Security Systems

We can also set up and install whatever data cabling is required for your security systems, such as for CCTV and other systems.


We deliver only the highest standards in quality, professionalism and friendly service. For all your needs in data cabling in Auckland, contact us today to get a free quote.